Hydraulic scales RAVAS RCS Plus

The RCS Plus weighing system is intended for installation on all types of forklifts, both fork-lift trucks and those with various types of grippers or rotators. The weight of the load is determined by measuring the pressure with a special compensation sensor in the hydraulic system.

How RCS Plus works

The operator lifts a load to the reference height mark at about 80 cm above floor level. He then presses a button on the indicator and the system will automatically lower the forks by approximately 15 cm. During this controlled descent, the display counts down from 4….3….2….1…. while the software calculates the weight and then shows it in the indicator display.


  • Manual zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing
  • Totalling with sequence number
  • Code entry (5-digit)
  • Error messages in display

Standard specifications:



IP65, NEMA 4

Power supply 

Weighing capacityto 99 000 kg, (according to the truck capacity)
Graduation2, 5, 10, 20, 50 або 100 kg
Protection classIP65, NEMA 4
Power supply12Vdc, from truck battery


Built-in matrix or thermal printer
Bluetooth and WiFi data transfer to PDA or WMS