Mobile weighing systems

About Mobile Weighing

Mobile weighing systems are scales integrated into freight transport equipment: forklifts, stackers, order pickers, reach trucks or hand trucks. With their help, weighing takes place directly during the transportation of cargo or goods, which allows you to save time, space and labor.

Save with mobile scales

It is no longer necessary to carry each pallet or container to the stationary scales and back — both the equipment and the working time of employees can be used more rationally and efficiently. With the help of RAVAS mobile scales built into a truck or forklift, you can immediately know the weight of each load. Thus, the warehouse employee performs two actions at the same time — transports and weighs. This provides a significant saving of both time and other resources of the company.

Be flexible with mobile scales

The mobile weighing system allows you to determine the weight of goods/cargo anytime and anywhere — wherever it is convenient and efficient. Warehouse freight flows are no longer tied to floor scales, and by making appropriate changes to warehouse processes, these scales can be eliminated. Among other things, this will free up and more rationally use the warehouse space occupied by such equipment and the space for maneuvering transport near it.