Weighing system RAVAS RPW EL

The RPW EL system is intended for installation on:

  • electric (self-propelled) trucks
  • order pick trucks
  • electric walkie (pedestrian) trucks

The main working element of the system are the loadcells integrated into the forks, which determine the weight of the load placed on them. In addition, the equipment includes an indicator that displays the weighing results. The power supply is provided by the battery of the electric truck. The shock- and wear-resistant system, designed for the same operating conditions as the truck on which it is installed, does not require special maintenance and consumables.

Installation of weighing equipment requires mechanical intervention in the inner space of the forks, in fact – a change in their design. As a result, the fork thickness increases by 5 mm. The installation of this equipment is performed by specialists trained and authorized by the manufacturing company. Installation work is carried out only in stationary conditions.

Weighing system RPW EL is installed on the Customer’s equipment (truck)!


  • Weighing during receiving / shipping
  • Order picking control
  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing
  • Totaling with sequence number
  • Code entry (5-digit)
  • Data transfer to smartphone, tablet or PDA with Android or IOS (requires download RAVAS WeightsApp, free on Google Play, App Store)
  • Internal clock
  • Error messages in display

Standard specifications:

Weighing capacityсorresponds to the truck’s carrying capacity 
Graduation0,5 / 1 kg in ranges 500 kg / Q max
Protection classload cells IP67, indicator IP65
Power supplyfrom truck battery
Extra fork height5 mm


Graduation 0,2 / 0,5 / 1 kg in ranges 200 / 500 / Q max
Built-in matrix or thermal printer
Bluetooth and WiFi data transfer to PDA or WMS
Data Collector Software
RAVAS Integration Software