Hydraulic scales RAVAS RCS Hy-Q-52

Intuitive touch indicator 5200.

Shows only those function keys that are relevant to the ongoing operation of the scale.

How RCS Hy-Q-52 work

The metal strip with the two magnet sensors has to be mounted on the mast to measure the lifting and lowering speed of the carriage plate. When the carriage plate passes the trajectory between the two sensors, the indicator samples the hydraulic pressure output of the sensor approximately 1,000 times and calculates an average value. The weighing will be done UP and DOWN: the load is lifted, and then lowered, passing the two sensors within a predefined speed bandwidth.

If the RCS HY-Q-52 is installed on a reach truck (or stacker truck) where the hydraulic pump is used for re-generating power during lowering, the menu and calibration should be set to weighing in UP-mode only.


  • Manual zero correction
  • Self-learning zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing, tare memory for 10 values
  • ID-code entry for 4 ID-codes with 10 preset codes (each max. 14 characters alpha-numeric)
  • Internal clock for date and time
  • 4 ports
  • Data transfer to smartphone, tablet or PDA with Android or IOS (requires download RAVAS WeightsApp, free on Google Play, App Store)
  • Overload indication based on actual hydraulic pressure
  • Error message in display incl. logging

Standard specifications:

Weighing capacityto 99 000 kg (according to the truck capacity)
Graduation2, 5, 10, 20, 50 або 100 kg
Displayfull-color 5” touch display
Protection classIP65
Power supply9Vdc – 100Vdc input, built-in regulator / convertor board


Bluetooth and WiFi data transfer to PDA or WMS
Data Collector Software
RAVAS Integration Software