Weight control during acceptance / shipment

Do you still move loads to the scales during acceptance / shipment?

It’s abnormal!

Indeed, for example, to identify goods in stores, warehouses, or, say, to check tickets on a train or plane – no one keeps records manually, and does not go from the cash register to the product, or from the counter to the passenger (if you keep records on paper, then there is no point in reading further.).

To do this, have long been using terminals that read the barcode! Because it’s easy and takes a split second! Just one click!

Weighing on stationary scales is mileage, loss of time, additional staff, and also human errors (related to the definition and transfer of results to the accounting system).

Modern solution – mobile weighing technology!

As soon as the load (or goods) appears on the forks of your lifting gear (whether it is a hand pallet truck, electric pallet truck or forklift truck) which is equipped with the RAVAS system, the weight is determined and transferred to the accounting system automatically.

There is no need to move the load to stationary scales. Just confirm the weight on the indicator by pressing the key. It’s as easy as scanning a barcode. Just one click!

Thanks to RAVAS systems, acceptance of the goods turns into a banal unloading (weighing as a separate process is absent)!

Be effective – weigh mobile!