On-line temperature control

Monitoring the temperature of goods in transportation is relevant today for many companies that work with food and pharmaceuticals. Usually, thermoindicators, thermoregistrators and so -called loggers are used for this purpose, which fix the complete “temperature history” of the cargo. 

However, all of them, as practice shows, do not exclude the possibility of falsification. And in addition, the disruption of transportation conditions becomes known only after the arrival of the cargo to the destination, when the products can be already hopelessly spoiled.

Integration RFID system with insulated containers TKT allows you to control the temperature regime inside the container during real -time transportation, giving the owner the opportunity to influence the situation in a timely manner and prevent damage to the cargo.

In this case, the client can enjoy all the advantages given by the radio frequency identification system – to determine where the product is (in stock, on the road or in the unloading line) and according to GPS, watch it in the Track & Trace system. This allows you to organize the supply of food and pharmaceuticals in full compliance with the requirements of international GDP and IFS standards.