Pick by Weight

Order picking is one of the most time-consuming processes in warehousing logistics. Errors in orders are complaints from customers (clarification of the case, loss of business reputation) and additional costs (return, completion of a new order).

In short, losses.

RAVAS mobile weighing systems are an ideal tool for order picking control.

Required equipment:

  •  Order picking truck (manual, electric or commissioner) with RAVAS scales.
  • Mobile data collection terminal (PDA) / Voice control.
  • Correct weight data for each SKU in your WMS system.

How it works.

Physically, the picking process remains the same: the employee receives a task at the terminal, and moving around the warehouse, picks the goods from the shelves, line by line (scanning the storage address, the goods and confirming the performed operation on the PDA).

Innovation in another. As soon as a new product arrives on the truck, the RAVAS weighing system automatically transmits the weight gain information to the accounting system.

WMS compares the weight of the added product (actual weight) with its weight in the directory. If not the same, the operator receives an error message to check this item picking and fix it.

What it gives.

If an error is detected, namely, the wrong product, the wrong quantity, or the product is placed in the wrong order (if several orders are completed at the same time), it can be corrected where it is cheapest – at the place of completion!

Without correcting the error, the employee cannot move to the next line of the order. Thus, the WMS system checks the correctness of the order picking for each line!

There is no need to fully check the already collected order! And this is time, scarce space, and high-paying (more qualified) employees!

Pick by Weight technology allows you to control the correctness of the order of both packaged goods and goods that require mandatory weighing (vegetables / fruits, raw materials, bulk materials, etc.).