Mixing and Dosing


Loose, liquid, or aggressive products are usually shipped in specialized containers (barrels, containers, bags, etc.). RAVAS mobile weighing systems allow you to control the filling of such containers during transportation.

The process of filling and shipping is simplified, becomes more efficient and flexible, in contrast to traditional weight control, as there is no need to carry materials back and forth to stationary scales.

Mixing and Dosing 

If the finished product consists of semi-finished products or several components, it is important to properly mix the various elements and components. Quantity and proportions determine the quality of products.

RAVAS mobile scales help to make such products cheaper, safer and more efficient. Typically, each component needs to be moved for weighing, or fed through expensive and difficult-to-clean pipelines.

Now the scales can be brought to the components and dosed directly from the containers. The risk of damage and loss of the product is significantly reduced.

RAVAS mobile scales are also a tool for quality control and confirmation. The result of the weighing of each step can be automatically recorded and transmitted to the system via wireless data transmission.