PALOMAT®½ Pallets is offered both as a Greenline (AC operated) and a Flexomatic (air + AC operated) version.

Choose a PALOMAT® ½ Pallets if you plan to both stack and destack single ½ pallets. A Greenline version for handling pallets in cold rooms with temperatures as low as –25°C.

Pallets can be inserted and picked up using a hand pallet truck, electric stacker or a full-size forklift truck. All pallets are handled at floor level.


Article no.Machine dimensions
L x W x H (сm)
Pallet size
L x W x H (сm)
Lifting capacity/
No. of pallets
15005093,5 x 145 x 235*60 x 80 x 15500 kg / 15
15205093,5 x 145 x 235*60 x 80 x 15500 kg / 15
* – включаючи захисну раму на 15 палет

Model 150050 – Flexomatic (air + AC operated)

Model 152050 – Greenline (AC operated)

Power source:220-240 V / 50 Hz
compressed air 6-7 bar
standby16 W / 23 W
during operation20 W, 36 l. per cycle / 550 W
Noise Level70 dB