PALOMAT® Double Up

PALOMAT® Double Up allows you to work with two empty pallets at the same time (one after the other). Operator stacks and destacks pallets using an extended hand pallet truck or loader with long forks. All pallets are handled at floor level.

PALOMAT Double Up can handle only two pallets at once, but not one, both in stacking and destacking mode.


Article no.Machine dimensions
L x W x H (сm)
Pallet size 
L x W x H (cm)
Lifting capacity/
No. of pallets
152501272 x 134 x 235*2 x 120 x 80 x 152 x 500 kg / 15
incl. safety frame for 2 x 15 pallets
Power source220-240 V / 50 Hz
standby23 W
during operation1000 W
Noise Level70 dB