PALOMAT pallet magazine

Are you bothered by empty pallets in the aisles of the racks?

Do your employees tear their backs and get injured by lifting these heavy and bulky structures?

Do you want to organize the circulation of empty pallets?

The best solution is the PALOMAT® pallet magazine / dispenser!

It is a fully automatic, alone standing device designed for storing, stacking and destacking empty pallets.

Only one person, without efforts, without injuries, without forklift trucks is capable to operate a cycle of empty pallets.


  • Increased efficiency – reduction of pallet processing time, no need to involve forklifts or additional staff for stackingpallets at high altitudes (1 employee + 1 hand pallet truck);
  • Lack of manual labor (employee does not touch pallets with his hands), other industrial culture;
  • No injuries to the back, arms and legs, as a result – fewer passes due to illness;
  • Space saving, neatness and order in the production area;
  • Easy to connect and manage – plug and play.

PALOMAT is a world leader in pallet storage and handling equipment, and offers a wide range of devices for production, distribution centers, warehouses, etc.

PALOMAT magazines are designed for different types of pallets, different capacities, different loading methods and for different trucks.

If you are not satisfied with any of the offered devices, the company’s specialists will develop an individual solution according to the requirements of customers.