Risks and prevention of fraud

In order for agricultural enterprises to be competitive, profitable and economically secure, it is necessary to use modern technologies for monitoring and accounting for weight products when weighing. 

Such technologies include mobile weighing, which involves the installation of lifting vehicles equipped with scales, which allows you to determine the weight of the load automatically and transfer the received data directly to the accounting system. This procedure virtually eliminates the influence of the human factor, and also significantly reduces the cost of weight control upon acceptance of goods.

The use of mobile weighing technology in combination with IT at agricultural enterprises makes it possible to optimize other tasks, namely the control of technological operations in production, the dosage of liquids, accounting for grown products, etc.

Taking into consideration that at the enterprises of the agricultural industry, where there is no or partially no integrated approach to organizing the work with weight products, the level of product theft can reach 50%, and the use of modern technologies for monitoring and accounting for weight products is becoming not a trend, but a necessity.

Igor Ivanyk, Director of RID Logistic Solutions Ukraine, spoke in details about the use of practices for working with weighted products, in particular, about the technology of mobile weighing, automatic identification, transmission and processing of data.