Special equipment

If desired, TKT insulated containers can be equipped with additional equipment so that you can use them for any of your purposes as the optimal vehicle.

  • Insertion grooves in the inner walls to accommodate intermediate shelves
  • Intermediate shelves made of profiled metallic or glass-fiber plastic
  • Mounting for eutectic cold-storage plates
  • Meat suspension in several versions
  • Lateral supports for food and cake trays
  • Eutectic cold-storage plates
  • Labeling plates in all sizes
  • Company ID from your design
  • Roller racks for cold boxes
  • Wharf crane gripping loops
  • Different types of thermometers
  • Different versions of wheels
  • Drawer-support for dry-ice

TKT insulated containers are certified by the ATP (international transport of perishable food products), HACCP (food safety control system), as well as the state sanitary and epidemiological examination in Ukraine.

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