ТКТ insulated containers

TKT insulated containers are the cheapest and safest way to deliver goods that require a certain temperature.

Such containers are an excellent alternative to expensive refrigerated transport, as they maintain a constant temperature of goods even when transported in a standard or isothermal van. In many cases, this eliminates the need for an expensive refrigerated truck. With TKT insulated containers, you can successfully reduce your fleet costs.

However, for companies working with refrigerated goods, TKT insulated containers will be an effective logistics tool not only for this reason – the main thing is that they allow more flexible response to customer requests and deliver the goods at any time in the right quantity. 

After all, products are hermetically sealed in a container, and they can be transported absolutely safely in terms of hygiene in the same vehicle with other goods – for example, food that does not require refrigeration, or deep-frozen products in other containers. That is, in one delivery you can include almost the entire range – “add” TKT insulated containers can be in the car body, already filled by 70-80%. This allows companies to deliver more efficiently.

And the “preserved” cold in the insulated container is in any case enough to reach the customer – it is able to maintain a constant temperature of the cargo for 24 hours. This means that neither traffic jams nor waiting under the ramp will lead to a break in the cold chain, and the quality of the goods will not suffer.