We have not only simplified the scanning of SKU data and their size, we have made sure that you can easily integrate data with existing systems.

And it’s very simple.

With SKUmaster’s comprehensive dimensioning solution, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars integrating hardware and software.

Manage your data master and control your good flow in one convenient solution that won’t ruin your budget.

HID mode (stationary use)

Cubetape easily integrates into accounting systems of any level: WMS, ERP, 1C, Exel or specialized courier applications.

To do this, connect the charger to a PC with a USB cable, and establish a Bluetooth connection between the Cubetape and the charger (which is also a communication module).

After scanning the label of the cargo / goods, its bar code (in digital form) will immediately appear on the screen in the field selected by you (mouse or keyboard). Values of three dimensions will automatically fall into adjacent cells / fields (consecutively).

Mobile mode

Cubetape integrates via Bluetooth with any Android mobile device (professional PDA, tablet or smartphone). After scanning the barcode of the cargo and removing the dimensions, the data automatically enters the appropriate fields of the installed software (application of the corporate accounting system for handheld terminals, Checkmate App, or similar).

The measurement results are stored in Android, and transmitted to the accounting system via WLAN.

Or sent to a e-mail as a CSV file (using the Checkmate App).

Also, using Bluetooth, you can connect mobile scales (hand pallet truck or iForks) to the same Android device. In this configuration, it becomes possible to determine all the physical parameters in one approach (length, width, height + weight).

And also to take some photos if it is necessary to confirm integrity of cargo.