Cubetape dimensioner

Cubetape laser roulette is an innovative measuring equipment designed to determine the size of boxes, pallets and oversized loads.

Measurement range from 2 cm to 3 meters.

Cubetape is two devices in one: a wireless barcode scanner and a roulette. A special bar code is applied to the tape measure instead of a metric scale.

The same scanner reads the label with the barcode of the product / cargo, and the tape roulette. The measurement process is simple: the operator attaches the tape measure to the side of the load (manually, as with a regular roulette) and presses the key. The size of the cargo is determined and transferred to the accounting system automatically.

Subetape is a highly productive equipment, as the operator does not spend time on obtaining and recording measurement results (does not lift the tape measure to the eyes, does not remember numbers, does not enter them into the system manually). The measurement process takes only 10-15 seconds (scan ID + three dimensions).

And for the same reason, the operator does not make mistakes (reducing the impact of the human factor).

Cubetape is a compact device, and flexible in use. Measurement operations can be performed both on a fixed, specially equipped workplace and without being tied to it (where necessary, not where possible). This eliminates unnecessary mileage or movement of goods.