Project Management

In order to optimize logistics processes, many companies initiate projects of reorganization or construction of warehouse / logistics complexes. But during the execution of such projects, as a rule, they have to face all kinds of difficulties, starting with inconsistencies in the project itself and ending with communication problems, when contractors misunderstand their tasks, do not perform the agreed scope of work by the required deadline, and violate other contractual obligations. As a result, all this leads to a disruption of project implementation terms and a significant increase in costs.

Since new projects are usually implemented in parallel with the current activities of the company, it is not easy to decide which of the employees should coordinate the interaction of internal services with contractors and control the timeliness and quality of tasks at each stage. Project management is a relatively new field of professional knowledge for Ukraine, and not every Ukrainian company has relevant specialists, especially those with the necessary experience and level of qualification.

But we have such specialists! Our team of experienced project managers will help you manage your project resources more efficiently, especially project time and allocated funds. Having extensive experience in the organization and implementation of projects of various levels of complexity, we understand well the difficulties that our enterprises have to face, we know their most common mistakes and will help to avoid them in order to achieve the goals set for the project on time and with minimal costs.

We use project management standards that allow effective implementation of all stages. Possessing modern technologies and project management methods adapted to the conditions of the modern Ukrainian market, we offer:

  • A systematic approach to the evaluation and organization of any projects – both for the launch of individual business areas from scratch, and for the development of the existing logistics divisions of the company
  • Management of terms, cost, and quality of projects
  • Unified schemes of interaction between the project team and external organizations, allowing to optimally solve the assigned tasks
  • Western approaches to independent evaluation and identification of the best contractors (tendering procedure)
  • Risk management, forecasting and management of crisis situations in investment projects
  • Online monitoring of key project performance indicators

By using our services, you will receive a professional approach and effective management of your project, as well as complete information on the progress of its implementation – the management company regularly prepares reliable reports on the progress of works at all stages and budget spending.

Participating in the project of a management company allows you to qualitatively prepare design tasks to avoid many questions and subsequent revisions, which will also help save a lot of time. In addition, the customer is guaranteed a professional choice of general designer and general contractor: our specialists will prepare all tender documentation, design tasks and work schedules and organize the tender, relying on their knowledge and experience and taking into account the customer’s requirements as much as possible.

Professional project management is a guaranteed achievement of project goals, budget and deadlines!

Our team has extensive experience in practical project management in the field of logistics and solving complex tasks. One of the examples can be the project of creating a logistics complex and automating warehouse processes of the Denka Logistics company ( ).

The construction of the warehouse with a total area of 20,000 m2 was started in February 2008, and already in October 2009 the warehouse was put into operation. At the same time, the task was to increase the capacity of the warehouse without increasing its area (pallet spaces, shelf storage), but more importantly, to dramatically increase the number of operations (orders, lines, pieces).

Warehouse specifications:

Before the project 2007New Distribution Center 2009As of 2019
Warehouse area16 90018 40018 400
Number of employees (on the floor)252140170
The number of pallet places12 00023 000 23 000
Number of SKUs19 00040 000120 000
Number of lines / month120 000200 000350 000
Number of orders / month11 00028 00055 000
Number of errors4,5%+0,9%0,03%