Shelve storage system

Based on years of research, Pharmashelve is an expanding range of shelving and storage systems incorporating many unique features designed to solve specific problems encountered by the largest and the smallest pharmaceutical companies:

  • Increase stock holding capacity
  • Time saving efficiency
  • Greatly reduce the risk of errors

The flexible design of such systems enables to find optimal solution for spacious as well as smaller premises and allows to organize the processing of products distribution in full compliance with each company’s individual needs. Additionally, it is possible to make all the necessary changes in the devise in case of any changes in product distribution parameters or product processing.

Favorable cost of these shelving systems makes them affordable also for smaller pharmaceutical companies.

All Pharmashelve storage systems are easy to install and user friendly. They have been developed in line with the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) standards, which makes them sanitary and easy to clean.

Research made by company’s specialists has shown that such redesigning your workflow has a positive effect, because better workspace organization always leads to the increased personnel efficiency.

The benefits of Pharmashelve shelving systems include:

  • Optimal organization of working process
  • Easily adapted and customized to suit all space requirements
  • Do not require big investment on installation
  • Designed around ‘first in, first out’ principles
  • The latest in time saving efficiency
  • Sanitary and easy to clean
  • Fully modular construction allowing regular updates and additions

RID Logistic Solutions specialists will help each client to develop the most efficient solution according to his individual requests. If needed they will offer several possible solutions of shelve systems design and placement.