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One of the first and most probably difficult logistics problem is to clean up the stock. And the complexity of it is, as a rule, not only to develop optimum methods of products location and manufacturing processes – these are often more difficult to implement the right processes in practice, that is, to ensure that they are really well-executed by each employee. Exclusively by administrative methods it is almost impossible to achieve this, unless they are supported by the system of reminders and tips directly to every workplace.

Development and implementation of methods labeling processes in the warehouse and manufacturing for more than 40 years of German company ORGATEX ®. Today, it offers more than four thousand kinds of products that help consumers organize all the different branches of production processes in accordance with the requirements of Lean Production and significantly improve their performance without attracting huge investments. The product range of the company – a huge selection of labels for marking of cargo units and storage, sleeves for removable storage devices, and materials for marking the floor plate holders, various displays, electronic scoreboards, etc. And yet they share three main features – reliability, simplicity and usability.

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