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On-line temperature control

The problem of monitoring the temperature of the cargo during transportation is relevant today for many companies working with food products and pharmaceuticals. Thermal indicators, thermal recorders and the so-called loggers, retaining full "thermal history" of the goods, are usually used for this purpose. However, as practice shows, they first of all do not eliminate the possibility of falsification, and second, they enable to learn about violations of the transportation conditions only post factum, after the goods arrive to the destination, where they may already be badly damaged.

The integration of RFID systems with TKT thermal containers allows to control the temperature level inside the container during transportation in real-time, providing the cargo owner an opportunity to influence the situation in time and prevent the cargo damage.

The customer can enjoy all the advantages provided by the radio frequency identification system - identify where the product is located (in the warehouse, on the road or in the queue for unloading) and monitor it in Track & Trace system by the GPS data. This allows to organize food and pharmaceutical products supplies in full compliance with GDP and IFS international standards.

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