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20% faster acceptance / dispatching!

RAVAS Mobile scales combined with UniWin software allow us to save time and make better use of warehouse equipment.

Built on a cart or truck, RAVAS scales determine the weight load directly during transportation and UniWin automatically registers and transmits the weight data to information system. So, movement, weighing and acceptance operations of the goods are performed simultaneously within the accounting system.

Moreover, UniWin communicates with the terminal and data collection, to automatically identify the goods. If TSD in stock is not used, the operator can enter the product code manually via the RAVAS keyboard. This information is also automatically transferred to the accounting system, which by comparing the weighing data to unit weight, determines the exact amount in the boot. Employer confirms the data entered - and the goods in the accounting system are adopted.

In the same way processes of placing the goods in stock (the cell code is entered with the TSD or manually), picking (the weight of each order line is automatically checked on selection site) and shipping can be organized. Moreover, the software can be fully adapted to the needs of each individual store.

In fact, the RAVAS + UniWin combination repeats WMS logic and covers its basic functionality. This makes it possible to automate all key processes in small stores at relatively low cost.

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