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Project Management in Logistics

In order to optimize logistics processes, many companies initiate projects on reorganization and construction of warehouse / logistics facilities. But, as a rule, during execution of such projects they have to deal with all sorts of difficulties, from inconsistencies in the project itself to communication problems when contractors misunderstand their tasks, do not fulfill the agreed scope of work till the due date, and violate other contractual obligations. All this leads to eventual failure of the project schedule and a significant increase in costs.

As new projects are usually implemented in the same time as the ongoing activities of the company, it is not easy to decide who among the staff will coordinate the interaction of internal services with contractors and monitor the timeliness and the quality of tasks fulfillment on each stage. Project Management is a relatively new area for Ukraine expertise, therefore, skilled professionals, especially with the necessary experience and qualifications cannot be found in every Ukrainian company.

But we do have such experts! Our team of experienced project managers will help you to manage your project resources more efficiently, especially the time devoted to the project and as well as the appropriated funds. Having considerable experience in organization and implementation of integrated systems, we are well aware of the difficulties faced by our businesses; we know their most common mistakes and will help you to avoid them in order to achieve the objectives set for the project on time and with minimal expenses.

We use project management standards that allow effective execution all of the consecutive stages. Owning the latest technologies and techniques of project management, adapted to the modern Ukrainian market, we offer:

  • System approach to the evaluation and organization of all projects – from launching a particular business projects from the very beginning, to development of existing logistics business departments
  • Management of time, cost, project quality
  • Single scheme of interaction between the project team and external agencies, ensuring optimal problem-solving
  • Western approaches to the independent evaluation and determination of the best contractors (tendering procedure)
  • Risk management, forecasting and crisis management in the investment projects
  • Monitoring of the key performance indicators in online mode

Once you make use of our services, you receive a professional approach and efficient management of your project, as well as detailed information on the progress of its implementation - management company regularly produces reliable reports on the progress of tasks fulfillment at all stages and on the budget spending.

Participation of the management company in the project allows to prepare the design task with high quality and to avoid a lot of questions and subsequent alterations, which will also help to save a lot of time. In addition, customers are guaranteed to receive a professional selection of general designer and general contractor: our experts will prepare all the tender documents, design task and implementation schedule and will organize a tender on the basis of their knowledge and experience and given client’s requirements maximum consideration.

As the practice shows, project cost of the above described control scheme reduces significantly due to adoption of timely and competent decisions, as well as to clear budget control from the very beginning of the project.

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