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Logistics planning and consultation

Purchase of equipment and/or automation of warehouse processes are not an end in itself - it is only one step on the way to the optimization of company’s logistics. But the search for the best in investment/efficiency solutions is often associated with considerable difficulties and is limited by many factors.

Experienced specialists from RID Logistic Solutions will be as a link in the chain of logistics planning in your business. They will help assess the effectiveness of current logistics processes and they will find optimal variants according to cost-performance and future solutions needs.

We offer assistance in the following tasks:

  • Design of logistics enterprises
  • Logistics audit
  • Logistics and Investment Consulting
  • Reengineering of warehouse logistics, construction, renovation, equipment and modernization of warehouses

The main stages of the warehouse optimization project:

Every proposed solution includes:

  • Design and dimensions of basic (receiving, storage, order selection, forwarding, shipping), support (checks, defects, etc.) and technological zones of warehouse
  • Definition of the maximum storage capacity for a variety of rack systems and / or storage options
  • Identification of shipping units and transportation frequency
  • Choosing options for order picking process, based on the requirements of the company to the timing and frequency of shipments
  • Definition of expected investments (+ / - 20%)
  • Evaluation of staff requirements (per shift and in total)
  • Calculation of the expected maintenance costs
  • Cost-effectiveness calculation (investment, operating costs)
  • Comparison of alternatives and recommendations

We offer consultations to clients from all sectors, including manufacturers and distributors of food and beverages, chilled and frozen food, clothing and shoes, cosmetics, and household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, vehicle spare parts, etc.

Additional services:

  • regular audits of logistics processes;
  • "logistician for rent";
  • design development and assistance in selecting the automation system (WMS software).

Finding an optimal solution in the relationship sphere man-machine-order - THIS IS OUR TASK!

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