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Software for mobile weighing systems - UniWin

Mobile weighing scales are widely used in industrial enterprises and warehouses, allowing to weight products and materials not at a fixed weighing point, but in a mobile situation (on board of the transport, on the forklift or hydraulic cart). For automatic fixing and data transfer to the information system, each devise is equipped with specific software – mostly UniWin with UniMobile applications for terminal data collection (available for several operation systems) or UniWin/UniScreen for PC.

The principle of application of such software is equivalent to static weighing. The only difference is that it allows receiving and transferring cargo data at the same time when the forklift or hand pallet is on the move. Due to that the system becomes very mobile and can be used in different areas of production or warehouse processing.


Typical applications:

  • Forklift/hand-pallet warehouse weighing;
  • Forklift/hand-pallet order picking applications;
  • Forklift/hand-pallet weighing control applications;
  • On-board vehicle weighing (inside the body of the vehicle).


UniMobile is a special peripheral software of UniWin, which generally runs on a touch screen of the data collection PDA-device with Windows CE or Windows Mobile. This application allows connection to a weighing indicator (measurer) and a printer. When all these devices are mounted on a transportation vehicle, the weighing operation becomes really mobile.

It is capable of running in three different modes to suite the environment it works in:

  • On-line mode allows UniMobile to be directly connected to a UniWin server and exchanges data online using WLan or GPRS;
  • Off-line mode is used when the working area does not have wireless internet coverage. The data is exchanged with UniWin using a function of WLan synchronization (when in reach) or manually connecting to the device with a cable;
  • With Standalone, the device is pre-programmed with the application to process weighing data, preparing it to be copied from the device as a .csv file. In this way UniMobile becomes a small UniWin by itself without the need of any other infrastructure.

UniMobile functionality:

  • Connection to weighing device using Serial cable or Bluetooth
  • Connection to printer using Serial cable or Bluetooth
  • Fully supports the build-in barcode scanner
  • Access to multiple details (supplier, product, location, customer etc) using the keyboard or build in scanner
  • Fully supports the build-in picture camera
  • Server connections via WLan or GPRS
  • Runs on Windows CE, Windows Mobile and PC Windows versions (touch screens).
  • Runs on Web interface, JavaME platforms, Android and Palm OS (on-line mode only).

ERP/MRP interfacing

It is certain, that UniWin will not become an isolated IT island by itself with its own database and data transfer system, as it is also capable of connecting to other software applications. Due to this, reference data ( for instance: customers, orders, lot numbers, delivery date etc.) can be uploaded to UniWin and weighing information can be transferred to the warehouse or corporate information system.

Typical interfaces:

  • Bespoke file transfer
  • Standard data exchange modules for Financial systems
  • XML transfer
  • SOAP and HTTP POST methods
  • ODBC database connections
  • TCP/IP Socket connections

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