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TKT insulated containers

The best value and most secure alternative to refrigerated lorries

React flexibly to customer demands at any time – innovative TKT insulated containers offer the right logistics instruments for an efficient transport flow of your chilled goods. In many cases, the use of an expensive refrigerated lorry can thus be avoided. Instead, according to the required transport volume, you can simply use a delivery van or a lorry with box-type body. TKT insulated containers allow you to successfully reduce your fleet costs.

The cold from cold storage lasts all the way to the customer

Our TKT insulated containers enable you to conserve the cold-storage refrigeration, so to speak, and take it to the customer. Even if you are sometimes stuck in traffic – the cold chain is unbroken and the goods remain temperature controlled for over 24 hours.

Your entire range in one delivery run

Chilled goods are hermetically sealed inside TKT insulated containers. There are therefore no hygiene concerns if fresh and frozen foods are transported in the same vehicle as other goods – e.g. non-perishable food items. This allows you to achieve maximum flexibility when planning deliveries and to save on delivery costs overall. An average lorry load of 70 to 80 per cent of capacity can also accommodate additional TKT insulated containers.

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