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SpanTech – your transfer solution

The Span Tech Company (Glasgow, Kentucky, USA) is a supplier of advanced material handling equipment, the so-called caterpillar conveyors with carrying surface made of multitude of originally designed elements. These conveyors represent the optimal choice for transferring single-pieced and packed products and can provide their successive displacement during all stages of production or warehouse handling in full compliance with every company’s requirements.

Extremely flexible

Highly flexible, plastic and full modular conveyor Span Tech systems allow to create continuous curving transfer chains of any level of difficulty, are easy to change system’s geometrical arrangement and product flow direction both horizontally and vertically or even angularly. They also allow grouping or accumulation of goods in certain areas by regulating the friction coefficient.

Configuration possibilities of such systems are nearly infinite, and our specialists’ experience allows to find optimal solution for a variety of industries, considering each companies’ special requirements on transfer conditions or additional product handling during transfer.

Suitable for food products transfer

Chain components of Span Tech conveyor’s carrying surface are made of sanitary plastic which is moisture and temperature resistant. It allows to use these systems in food products or pharmaceuticals transfer, as well as to use it in active medium, for instance: high temperature and/or moisture environment or even under the water.

Another reason for the high efficiency of the carrying surface functioning is that smaller parts which fall of the products during transfer, fall through the chain, keeping conveyor surface clean.

Conveyors are easy to clean, also using active washing and disinfection agents, allowing to work with different products on one line (for instance: within different work shifts).

Modular and rebuildable

Due to their modular design, Span Tech conveyors are easy to service and maintain in working mode. If some of the chain components are damaged or worn, in most cases they are easy to replace, eliminating the need to buy new chain.

Our aim is to provide our customers conveyors
of the highest quality and best price!

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