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Order picking and storage systems for small goods

Main purposes of these systems are: receiving, storage and picking of items.
These systems specialize in small part order picking: jewellery, watches and pharmacological products in distribution sphere, spare parts in repairing service sphere and also tools and component parts in production processes. They allow not only to save space used for the goods storage and processing, but also make the order picking process sufficiently easier.

The system works on a “goods to user” principle meaning that it automatically transfers the tray with required product to the working place. This ensures high speed and picking accuracy, practically excluding errors, as the user always receives ONLY the required item.


The highlights of P@P systems are:

  • modularity: defined by work volume of SKU, it may be joined in several rows or towers;
  • space efficiency – optimal size of its equipment allows it to be placed in any premise.

Depending on application, the row system of storage or tower system are equipped with load-grippers, capable of doing several operations simultaneously. This allows maximum system adaptation to customer’s needs.
User friendly software simplifies the maintenance of the system. Apart from that, if needed, the system has access to particular external equipment components.

AKKL-Gasse-Lite - see technical specification

AKKL-Gasse-Lite is a perfect choice if you look for a simple solution for average efficiency, which also offers wide storage capacity.

In Gasse you can store up to 3200 trays. Each tray's capacity is 2 kg. Load-gripping equipment may receive one or two trays and fulfil two operations at the same time.

AKKL-Tower - see technical specification

The AKKL-Tower is designed for operation in insufficient or small spaces, or when there is a need of a space-saving usage.

The Tower system with 5 towers allows achieving highly efficient commissioning performance – up to 1400 moves per hour.

This gives it a certain priority when there is a need in work optimization, higher manufacturing capability and picking accuracy. Items release takes place either in tare or manually directly to the assigned place. Accurate delivery system allows easy control over the items flow.

AKKL-Gasse - see technical specification

The AKKL-Gasse system is practically irreplaceable in warehouses and productions which operate with a large number of heavy items (to 20 kg).

It is capable of processing up to 5 items of tare at the same time. Depending on tare set, there are up to 130 000 positions in a row, which can be commissioned in automatic mode. The double depth placement allows to achieve the most efficient system exploitation.

Central tare supply to the feeder makes automatic warehousing within the system much easier. During the process, required items are released to the fully automatic handling or to the ergonomic working station by feeder. Receiving and tare release may take place on any position of the station, adjusting to the individual needs of the client.

System efficiency may be significantly increased by adding rows.

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