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Mobile weighing

Mobile weighing systems

Mobile weighing systems are scales integrated in hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, stackers, order picking trucks, reach trucks and forklift trucks. With mobile scales the weighing takes place during transportation, enabling you to save time, space and manpower. Weighing can be done in any place, which makes you flexible in your logistics. A mobile scale earns itself back within a short period of time.

Mobile weighing

Save time with mobile scales

With a RAVAS mobile scale on your pallet truck or forklift truck you do two things at the same time: transporting and weighing. You immediately know the weight of every load lifted. It’s no longer necessary to drive back and forth to a fixed floor scale with every pallet or container. So you save time and manpower and you improve the efficiency of your intralogistics.

Mobile weighing

Be flexible with mobile scales

Mobile weighing system allows you to weigh where you want and when you want, wherever your logistics makes it efficient or convenient. You are no longer stuck to a fixed floor scale that needs to be moved when your in-house logistics change. Floor scales also require lots of space: maneuvering space included, they may easily occupy up to 20 m2.

A mobile scale integrated in your pallet truck or forklift restores the profitability of such lost warehouse space.

The mobile weighing system even allows weight checks in new scale applications. Take order picking as an example. Mobile scales are an effective tool to prevent picking errors. A mobile scale integrated in an order picking truck checks the weight of every single order line and allows you to correct errors where it costs the least: at the picking slot.

Mobile weighing

Mobile scale quickly earns itself back

How fast a mobile weighing system can generate return on its investment, is illustrated by the following simple calculation:
Suppose that in your shipping department you weigh an average four pallets per hour, so each weighing takes about two minutes. Hence, using mobile scales, with which weighing takes place during transportation, means a daily saving of 64 minutes, or 266 man hours per year. If a man hour costs 20 euro (do not confuse with employer’s salary), your company saves 5,330 euro per year, and the weighing hand pallet truck will have earned itself back within few months.

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